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At Graff Orthodontics, we believe in treating Patients the same way we would want to be treated. We approach everyone with compassion, care, and warmth. In our office, Patients are our priority. We accommodate any special needs that our patients have, and we work around your schedule. Many of our patients travel up to two hours for treatment. We strive to get you in and out WITHIN ONE HOUR.

Dr. Graff provides individualized care to our patients. He sees every patient at every visit. He spends quality time explaining and reviewing progress with patients and parents. We want everyone that comes into our office to know that they are getting the best treatment possible.

We avoid surgery whenever possible. Using TADs, we are able to anchor teeth so that they straighten and reduce pain while also cutting down on treatment time. We offer affordable care with high-quality results. Our financial team can work magic with insurance companies, and we create a payment plan around your budget. We are open 8 am until 5 pm, Monday through Thursday, and we are open every other Friday for those patients coming into town for the weekend. We offer a 24-hour connection through our website. Make payments, find out information about your account, see photos, and even get quick tips to make braces more comfortable. 

Our staff gets involved in the community. We have attended sporting events, school plays, and cancer walks in support of our wonderful patients. We take care of the community in which we live.

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The best next step you can take to get your smile on track is to get in touch! We can’t wait to hear your story and find out more about you!

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