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Welcome to the GO REWARDS PROGRAM!


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At Graff Ortho we care about QUALITY and WE LIKE TO HAVE FUN! We also like motivating our patients to adopt healthy dental habits that will reinforce a great smile!

Each month, Patients earn tickets that enter them in a Monthly Graff Ortho Give-Away. Dr. Graff wants to reward his patients for being on time, referring patients, taking care of their braces, and for paying attention to good Dental Hygiene.  Each month you have the opportunity to earn up to 6 tickets that are entered for a drawing at the end of the month. 1 Blue Ticket Winner (the big prize!) and 2 Red Ticket Winners are chosen each month!  This is just a simple way that we are able to make the process of braces super fun in our office!

New Prizes. New Winners. Every Month!  

6 Easy Ways To Receive Tickets & Win!

  • Earn Blue Tickets by:

  • Wearing  your Graff Ortho T-Shirt

  • Refer A Friend!

You will receive a special blue ticket every time you wear your GO - GraffOrtho Tee to your appointment. Each ticket is entered for the Big Prize drawing! The more your wear your GO Tee’s, the better your odds of Winning!


Earn up to 4 Red Tickets by:

  • Brushing & flossing

  • No broken brackets

  • Wear your elastics

  • Be on time for your appointments

  • You will receive another special ticket every time you brush, floss and show up to your appointment with no broken brackets!

  • Be on time to your appointments and receive another ticket to enter to win a third prize! It’s so so easy!

The GO REWARDS PROGRAM is just a small way to show how much we value you as a Patient, and a fun way to make the process of achieving the perfect smile a little more enjoyable along the way! GOOD LUCK!!!