Smile 4 Life is a program that Dr. Graff started almost 2 years ago. Each year he wants to choose a new candidate, someone deserving of a life changing opportunity who may be in a challenging financial situation and is otherwise unable to afford braces. This is just a small way that he wants to give back to the community and he wants the community to be involved!

Our most recent Winner of our smile 4 Life program is Kelly Head. Watch the video below and see what happened when we presented Kelly Head with this awesome opportunity. She originally thought that we were filming an Adara commercial. Her reaction is priceless.

We are so excited to share this new program with you all!!! Join us on this journey to change people’s life through this program. You’ll be glad you did!


In 2017 Dr. Graff told his staff that he wanted help nominating someone deserving of braces that for whatever reason could not otherwise afford it. The staff and marketing team came together and chose Cody Spearman as the first ever Smile 4 Life recipient.

Dr. Graff feels so grateful to be able to share the gift of a smile with someone in need. The bonus with Cody is that he happens to be a super sick freestyle bmx'r which made for some AWESOME video! Rock that smile Cody!


Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 2.02.38 PM.png

In 2018 we chose Cody Spearman!!! There were several factors that went into picking Cody but the primary reason was due to a battle with cancer that his Mom had about 8 months ago that nearly took her life. The Spearman’s had visited our office and had an initial consult only to find out that they did not qualify for Medicaid, and on top of other high medical expense due to Mom’s care, were in the transition with insurance and did not have the financial resources to move forward. Once the Graff Ortho staff heard the news that Dr. Graff wanted to give someone a brand new smile for free, Cody was nominated internally and the rest is history!

Cody has now been in braces for about a year and his smile is looking awesome! Now it’s time to choose the next candidate and we need your help! If you know someone who you think is deserving of a brand new smile but for some reason is not in a financial position to make it happen, please fill out the following form to give them a shot at getting a Smile 4 Life!


Smile 4 Life Requirements. PLEASE READ!!!

  • Must need or benefit significantly from braces (not a minor tune up)

  • Must be dentally healthy enough for braces

  • Must be in a position where they could not afford braces otherwise

  • Must be willing to share their story on social media

  • Nominations cannot be anonymous

  • Would like to help someone who is going through a hardship or difficulty or someone who has done something extraordinary to make a difference

  • Must be someone who lives in our four corners community

  • Must be wiling to submit a photo if required

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Life is all about making a difference…

We hope you’ll join us in the new adventure to literally change peoples lives for the better by offering the gift of a brand new smile. Smile 4 Life is about helping someone feel their very best. It’s a ripple effect program designed to have an impact on one persons life that then impacts many people in return! We hope you’ll take the time to help us find the perfect candidate for receiving a Smile 4 Life! Thank you so much for being part of our journey!