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meet the team

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Meet the Team

Beth Loeb

Office Manager

We welcome all of you to be part of our family here at Graff Orthodontics. It is true that we are creating beautiful smiles every day, but more than that we are creating lasting relationships with our patients.  I've been doing orthodontic work for 30 years and I'm so grateful to now be working with an orthodontist as detailed, kind, and caring as Dr. Graff.

At Graff Ortho we are unique in our high-tech approach to braces. Dr. Graff's drive and desire for excellence, and our sincere compassion towards our patients and our community truly set us apart!

We recognize that all of our patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented team are committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice. We welcome you and your family, and forward to working with you.

Danielle Walters

Treatment Coordinator

I am a relatively new addition to the Graff Orthodontics family, but I’ll take great care of you! I am fairly new to the Farmington area, bringing my warm inviting smile to all our new patients. I have vast experience in providing excellent patient care which fits right in with Graff Orthodontics!

Annette Terrazas

Billing Coordinator

I have 30 years of experience in varying aspects of customer service. I have acquire a deep knowledge and understanding as it pertains to assisting all our patients with their insurance needs. Getting orthodontic treatment is a substantial investment and an important commitment that when done properly, will last a life time. I'm always available to help in any capacity and I will always work as hard as can to help each patient to get the treatment and care they need.

Star Abe

Lead Assistant

As a lead assistant I try and make sure all our patients are seen on time for their appointments and lead our team in patient care. I have been at Graff Orthodontics for over two years and cannot imagine myself doing anything else! I love what I do and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing our patients’ smiles transform and their confidence boom! Dr. Graff is not only a perfectionist who transforms smiles, but also a great caring support for our patients. Graff Orthodontics is the place to be! With our caring friendly team we guarantee that we will make your journey in braces a total success!

Joanha Evans

Ortho Assistant

I love getting to know all my patients from the beginning of their treatment to the end. Dr. Graff is so meticulous in the work and care he gives each patient. He treats every patient as he would his own family. I hear patients describe the transformation they see with their smiles as a “miracle.” I'm so grateful that I get to witness the beautiful process. At home, I have two amazing daughters and love the outdoors.

Celia Rodriquez

Ortho Assistant

Working as an assistant for Dr. Graff has been a great opportunity for me. What I love the most is the end result, and how the patient is super happy about their new smile. I can literally see on their face when they look at perfectly straight teeth for the first time, that they've literally had a “life-changing experience.”

Andrea Terrazas

Ortho Assistant

There are many places to get braces, and each orthodontist has their own approach. What I've grown to appreciate the most about Dr. Graff is his attention to detail and desire for perfection. It's frustrating to him when things are done right every time, and I respect that so much. I love what I do; it's incredibly rewarding.

"Dr. Graff and his Team were professional, kind, and so fun to work with.  We can't believe how great our smiles turned out.  We highly recommend Dr. Graff for anyone needing braces."
Diplomate American Board of Orthodontics American Association of Orthodontists
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